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Mosque Pictures from Cairo Egypt, Mosque Photos, Egypt Pictures

Pictures from 8 different Cairo Mosques. Geometric artwork and minarets are the marks of this Arabic architecture. The mihrab is the indent that marks the direction to Mecca. Like Buddhist temples, shoes cannot be worn in Muslim Mosques. Ibn Tulun Mosque is the oldest shown here, built in 876.

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al-azhar-mosque-01.jpg al-azhar-mosque-03.jpg al-azhar-mosque-04.jpg al-azhar-mosque-05.jpg
Minarets of Al-Azhar Mosque in central Cairo Mihrab of Al-Azhar Mosque, located next to the famous Khan al-Khalili bazaar Brilliant central courtyard of Al-Azhar Mosque Central courtyard with dome and minarets
al-azhar-mosque-07.jpg al-azhar-mosque-08.jpg al-azhar-mosque-09.jpg an-nasir-mohammed-mos-01.jpg
Ceiling in Al-Azhar Mosque Primary mihrab of Al-Azhar Mosque Inside column lined Al-Azhar Mosque primary prayer room, with oulines on the floor for each worshiper an-Nasir Mohammed Mosque green dome
an-nasir-mohammed-mos-02.jpg an-nasir-mohammed-mos-03.jpg mohammed-ali-mosque-01.jpg mohammed-ali-mosque-03.jpg
Minaret of an-Nasir Mohammed Mosque an-Nasir Mohammed Mosque Mohammed Ali Mosque at the Citadel in Cairo White domes of Mohammed Ali Mosque
mohammed-ali-mosque-04.jpg mohammed-ali-mosque-07.jpg mohammed-ali-mosque-08.jpg mahmoud-pasha-mosque-01.jpg
Wrought iron window screen Interior of Mohammed Ali Mosque Gold leaf details of Mohammed Ali Mosque Mahmoud Pasha Mosque, inside the Citadel
ar-rifai-mosque-02.jpg hassan-rifai-minarets-01.jpg hassan-rifai-minarets-02.jpg hassan-rifai-minarets-03.jpg
Ar-Rifai Mosque ceiling details Minarets of Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan and Ar-Rifai Mosque Sultan Hassan, Ar-Rafai, Mahmoud Pasha Mosques (left to right) just outside the Citadel Minarets of Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan and Ar-Rifai Mosque
sultan-hassan-mosque-01.jpg sultan-hassan-mosque-02.jpg sultan-hassan-mosque-03.jpg sultan-hassan-mosque-04.jpg
Cairo and Sultan Hassan Mosque-Madrassa This artwork is what you first see when entering the Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan Vaulted dome ceiling of Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan Mihrab of Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan
sultan-hassan-mosque-05.jpg sultan-hassan-mosque-06.jpg ibn-tulun-mosque-01.jpg ibn-tulun-mosque-02.jpg
Mihrab details Artistic copper details photo Ibn Tulun Mosque from the minaret of Sarghatmish Mosque Stairway winds around minaret of Ibn Tulun Mosque
ibn-tulun-mosque-03.jpg ibn-tulun-mosque-04.jpg ibn-tulun-mosque-05.jpg ibn-tulun-mosque-07.jpg
Vast courtyard of Ibn Tulun Mosque Central fountain of Ibn Tulun Mosque First use of pointed arch, 876 CE Ibn Tulun at early dusk
ibn-tulun-mosque-08.jpg sarghatmish-mosque-01.jpg sarghatmish-mosque-02.jpg sarghatmish-mosque-03.jpg
Courtyard and pointed arches of Ibn Tulun Sarghatmish Mosque ceiling detail Central fountain of Sarghatmish Mosque Chandelier of Sarghatmish Mosque masks Ibn Tulun dome
Window detaili of Al-Fath Mosque