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Karnak Temple Pictures, Egypt

Located in Luxor, on the East Bank of the Nile River, it's one of the largest temple complexes ever constructed in the world. Probably the most famous section is the Great Hypostyle Hall containing 134 massive columns.



Egyptian Pyramids Pictures & Sphinx

Ride a subway 20 minutes to the suburbs of Cairo, then take a cab five minutes to reach the pyramids. Constructed about 2,500 BCE, the pyramids are the oldest and the only one of the "7 Wonders of the Ancient World" surviving today.


Cairo, Egypt Mosque Pictures

Pictures from 8 different Cairo Mosques. Geometric artwork and minarets are the marks of this Arabic architecture. Ibn Tulun Mosque is the oldest shown here, built in 876.


Valley of the Kings Pictures, Egypt

The Valley of the Kings is located on the West Bank of the Nile. Descending into the pharaoh tombs carved out of solid rock rewards the visitor with colorful scenes from ancient books which are carved and painted into the walls and ceiling.

Egypt map



Medinat Habu Temple Pictures, Egypt

The Temple at Medinat Habu is located on the West Bank of the Nile in Luxor. It's not as large as Karnak Temple, but the colors are better preserved and there are far fewer tourists.


Cairo, Egypt Pictures

The Egyptian capital is crowded and dirty with several coffee shops per block. Men drink tea or coffee and smoke sheesha pipes of flavored tobacco for hours. The Nile slices through the city, with downtown and the Egyptian Museum on the East Bank.


Luxor (Thebes), Egypt Pictures

Orignally named Thebes, modern day Luxor is where new meets old. Almost all the major tourist sites of Egypt are located here, except the pyramids outside Cairo. The land is lush and green along the Nile, but quickly turns to desert as you move away from the river.


Bedwin Camel Safari Pictures, Egypt

Riding camels along the coast at sunset is a memorable experience. It offers a brief immersion into the Bedwin culture, which is much diffferent than the Arabic culture in the rest of Egypt.


Dahab, Egypt Beach Pictures

Dahab is a small beach resort one hour north of Sharm el-Sheikh, on the Sinai Peninsula. It's a growing town, but still small compared to the other resorts along the Red Sea. It's a good place to relax, ride camels with the Bedwin, and scuba dive.


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