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Monte Alban, Mexico Pictures

Pictures from the ruins of Monte Alban, on a flat hilltop above the city of Oaxaca. This was a city built by the Zapotecs, with rituals and architecture similar to the Maya and Aztecs. High priests practiced advanced astronomy, and ruled the farming community by predicting seasons and the best time for planting and harvesting. It was inhabited between 500 BCE and 900 CE.



Guelaguetza Folk Dancing Pictures

The Guelaguetza is a folk dancing festival. Dancers from different regions of the state of Oaxaca gather in celebration to share their displays of skill and colorful costumes. This is the Grupo Folklorico del Instituto Tecnologico de Oaxaca special event for their 40th anniversary.


Pictures of Markets in Oaxaca, Mexico

The small towns around Oaxaca city have market days once a week. Each town has a set market day and it's been the same day for many years. Every day of the week, there's at least one town within an hour of Oaxaca city with a market. It's more than just a day of shopping. These market days are a chance for the indigenous population to come down from the hills and socialize. See pictures of alebrijes - hand carved and hand painted, colorful wooden animals.


Oaxaca, Mexico Pictures

Pictures from the city of Oaxaca, Mexico (pronounced "wa-ha-ca"). See the lively zocalo, or central town square and the adjoining 18th century cathedral. Constant music, food vendors, colorful balloons, fountains and plants give this park the feel of a carnival. See pictures of Arturo Garcia Bustos' famous mural which depicts the history of Oaxacan people from the days of pyramids and indigenous customs to the Spanish colonial conquest to Mexican independence.

Mexico map Playa del Carmen


Sierra Norte Ecotour Pictures, Oaxaca

Pictures from an ecotour in the Sierra Norte mountains Northeast of Oaxaca city, Mexico. There's a grouping of mountain villages called Pueblos Mancomunados which work together to preserve their environment. They offer guided hiking, biking, and horseback riding between villages. Feel good knowing you're paying and tipping local guides who live in the villages you visit and support their goal of preserving the local environment.


Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Mexico Pictures

Playa del Carmen is located an hour south of Cancun. There's a white sand beach, abundant housing, and delicious food. A pedestrian street (mall) closed to autos runs parallel to the beach and is the center of activity. It's the ferry terminal for the island of Cozumel.

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