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Istanbul, Turkey mosque photos. Pictures of Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya), the Blue Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, and Yeni Cami (new mosque). Built in 537, Hagia Sophia was the largest building in the world for over a hundred years. Originally an Eastern Orthodox church, it was converted to a mosque in 1453. Now it's a museum with both Christian and Muslim artwork visible. The Blue Mosque, really named the Mosque of Sultan Ahmet I was built in 1616 and features tens of thousands of blue tiles inside and 6 minarets. The Mosque of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent sits on a hilltop in Istanbul. It was built in the 16th century and is a classic example of Ottoman mosque architecture.

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hagia-sophia-01.jpg hagia-sophia-02.jpg hagia-sophia-03.jpg hagia-sophia-04.jpg
Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya), Istanbul, Turkey Early Christian mosaic inside Hagia Sophia Carved capitals and arches of Aya Sofya, Istanbul Angel mosiac, revealed by removing the plaster once covering the walls when Hagia Sophia was a mosque
hagia-sophia-05.jpg hagia-sophia-06.jpg hagia-sophia-07.jpg hagia-sophia-08.jpg
One of 4 gilded medallions with Arabic script covering older Christian artwork at Aya Sofya Deesis Mosaic (Last Judgement), 14th century mosaic with Christ and John the Baptist Christ detail of Deesis Mosaic at Aya Sofya, Istanbul, Turkey 11th century mosaic of Constantine, Christ, and Empress Zoe at Aya Sofya
hagia-sophia-09.jpg hagia-sophia-10.jpg hagia-sophia-11.jpg hagia-sophia-12.jpg
Empress Eirene mosaic detail, apse end, southern gallery, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Massive dome of Hagia Sophia measures 31 meters wide and 56 meters high 10th century mosaic of Emperor Justinian (left) and Constantine the Great (right) offering gifts to Mary Exterior of Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya), Istanbul, Turkey
blue-mosque-01.jpg blue-mosque-02.jpg blue-mosque-03.jpg blue-mosque-04.jpg
Blue Mosque at night with lights during Ramazan Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey Inside Blue Mosque, Istanbul Many stained glass windows allow light to stream into the domed interior
blue-mosque-05.jpg blue-mosque-06.jpg suleymaniye-mosque-11.jpg suleymaniye-mosque-04.jpg
Domes of the Blue Mosque, tens of thousands of blue (and other) tiles provide color Blue Mosque silhouette at dusk Suleymaniye Mosque at night, Istanbul, Turkey Domes of Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
suleymaniye-mosque-02.jpg suleymaniye-mosque-03.jpg suleymaniye-mosque-05.jpg suleymaniye-mosque-09.jpg
Stained glass of Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey Interior of Sulemaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey Islamic inscriptions inside Sulemaniye Mosque Tile work inside the tomb of Suleyman
suleymaniye-mosque-07.jpg suleymaniye-mosque-10.jpg suleymaniye-mosque-08.jpg yeni-cami.jpg
Doorway to the courtyard of Suleymaniye Mosque, with fountain inside Exterior side of Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey Turkish children at the mosque, Istanbul Yeni Cami (new mosque) with Ramazan lights, completed in 1663